Well-Being Therapy

  • A cura di: Giovanni A. Fava
  • Titolo: Well-Being Therapy
  • Editore: Karger, Basel, 2016
  • Codice: 978-3-318-05821-5
  • Prezzo: pp. 148, 31,00 euro

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Well-Being Therapy (WBT) is the psychotherapeutic approach developed by Giovanni Fava, a world-renowned psychiatrist and psychotherapist, and the editor-in-chief of Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics. WBT is an innovative strategy that is based on monitoring psychological well-being, whereby the patient progressively learns how to make it grow. This type of therapy has enjoyed much success and is increasing in popularity around the world.
The first part of this long-awaited book describes how the idea for WBT was formed, the first patient treated, and the current evidence that supports this approach. In Part II, Giovanni Fava provides the treatment manual of WBT, describing what each session entails, and includes many examples from his own cases. The last part covers some of the specific conditions for which WBT can be used and how sessions can be conducted. It includes sections on depression, mood swings, generalized anxiety disorder, panic and agoraphobia, and posttraumatic stress disorder. There is also information on the application of WBT in interventions in school settings. Throughout the book, Dr. Fava keeps things interesting by peppering his narrative with anecdotes from his medical career.
The primary audience for this book is professionals within psychology, psychiatry, and other fields of medicine (e.g., family practice, pediatrics, and rehabilitation). However, the book is written in a relaxed, clear, and accessible style that also makes it of interest to counselors, educators, and family and friends of patients, not to mention patients themselves.

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Fava G.A., Well-Being Therapy. Karger 2016